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Bripe Coffee Pipe Logo

We are now carrying: The Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe. This pipe is a small, light, copper and silver pipe that makes coffee in the outdoors. The Bripe requires NO electricity, gas canister, kettle or stove. The Bripe only requires ground coffee, water, and a portable butane-powered quad jet torch (this is included) to create the brew.

The Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe was founded by Tim Panek and Craig Hall. Tim wanted to be able to enjoy a great coffee shot when he was outside, and found that all the existing coffee-making products were too complex, too bulky, and weighed too much to fit into a backpack or in his river kayak. He saw an opportunity to create a simple, compact coffee brewing system and thus the Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe was born. The founders also give a portion of Bripe Inc.'s profits to help build a self-sustaining coffee and cocoa-roasting operation with the Quitirrisi Tribe in Puriscal, Costa Rica. (

Thermacell Logo

Thermacell is our newest bug repellent brand. Thermacell repellents are known for liberating people who love the outdoors from the harmful effects of insects. We are currently carrying the Backpacker. The Backpacker repels mosquitoes by creating a 15x15 foot zone of protection. The Backpacker attaches to the camping gas canister (pressurized, self-sealing (iso)butane and propane fuel mix). It can run up to 90 hours on a 4oz gas canister. The Backpacker includes the repeller, three repellent mats, and a water-resistant pouch. Refills are available for purchase as well and last up to 48 hours.

Only Available at the Peninsula Location

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