Open House Philmont Boy Scouts: Part II-Appalachian Outfitters

Open House Philmont Boy Scouts: Part II

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In 2014, Appalachian Outfitters helped approximately 100 scouts, parents, and scout leaders plan for their Philmont Scout Ranch expedition. In 2015, we plan to help even more adventurers prepare for Philmont by hosting our second annual Open House Philmont Boy Scouts event on Saturday, February 28, 2015. At our event, you’ll find demonstrations, instructions, and exciting prizes that you can use at Philmont.

Photo from 2014 Philmont Boy Scout Open House

Since 1950, approximately 6,000 scouts and family members have attended Philmont for a one-of-a-kind national volunteer training program; it is the largest Boy Scouts of America High Adventure Base, with a total of 89 camps. Knowledgeable instructors conduct training sessions about the latest equipment and procedures for scouts, parents, and leaders. The learning atmosphere encourages collaboration, discussions, and active solutions. Philmont’s rocky trails encompass hundreds of miles; for more than sixty years, the unique environment of the New Mexican outdoors has challenged both Scouts and leaders.

Philmont Scout Ranch has a deep history, beginning with Native Americans who made the New Mexico area their home for many generations; both the Jicarilla Apache and the Moache Ute Indians once lived in the area. Later, Philmont Ranch was once a popular stop for travelers on the Santa Fe Trail. During the 19th century, land barons claimed the area as their own. Cimarron, a nearby town, has several historical buildings, one of which is the St. James Hotel, which was the site of approximately 26 killings during the town’s Wild West days. With such a rich history of the relationship between people and the land, how can Boy Scouts not learn from Philmont?

In past years, the cost of outfitting a scout for the Philmont Scout Ranch has been more than $1,000, in addition to $1500 of travel expenses. This year, manufacturers and sales representatives who work with Appalachian Outfitters have donated over $2,000 for door prizes and raffle prizes for our second annual Philmont Open House. The donations include a Renegade men’s shoe, a pair of Oboz shoes, a Bridger girl’s shoe, and a pair of Lowas shoes, as well as 10 X-mugs and Delta Sporks designed with the well-known excellence of all Sea to Summit products. (Please note that all prizes are exclusively for high adventure program participants: Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Scout leaders, and parents.)


Appalachian Outfitter staff will create indoor replicas of Philmont trail meals and a Philmont-style campsite, complete with a Philmont Thunder Ridge Tent. We will also have educational demonstrations of camp stoves and water purification systems, as well as seminars about maps, compasses, equipment, bear bag procedure – the list goes on!

We request that you RSVP for the Open House so that we can accommodate for all of the participants. To RSVP for the open House, call 330.655.5444. See you on February 28!

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