Part One: Unique Gift Ideas-Appalachian Outfitters

Part One: Unique Gift Ideas

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Whether your holiday shopping list includes family members who never like what you buy or people who seem to have it all, these unique gifts available at Appalachian Outfitters are sure to please!

Real Deal Brazil: In an effort to recycle resources, RDB creates hats and bags out of handmade tarps. Beginning in a small town located in Brazil, the canvas tarps are coverings for cargo trucks traveling from the Amazon to São Paulo and beyond before being recycled into hats and bags. These products are especially fit for Zombieland fans - RDB’s fame began when actor Woody Harrelson wore his favorite RDB hat in almost every Zombieland scene.

Taiba Tote
Taiba Tote - Photo Credit:

Baabaazuzu: When her husband accidentally shrunk her favorite wool sweaters, Michigan native Sue Burns made the shirts into jackets and hats for her daughters. The company began with her sewing machine in her dining room and grew into an international clothing line of wool and cotton hats, socks, beanies, bags, and other products for both children and adults. Each piece of the collection is handmade, original, and created from 100% vintage products.

Baabaazuzu Mittens
Baabaazuzu Mittens - Photo Credit:

LaundroMat: For comfortable, fashionable sweaters and vests, consider Canada-based LaundroMat. Since 2000, LaundroMat has used eco-friendly dyes and 100% all-natural wool. Keeping you warm and stylish is just one of the company’s goals – they also treat all of their business parties equally. This includes the talented knitters in Nepal, making LaundroMat part of the Fair Trade Federation.

Our Name- Photo Credit:

Helle: Brothers Sigmund and Steinar Helle began their company in the mountains and fjords of Holmedal, Norway. In 1932, they began creating knives in their farm’s forge. Their products were an immediate hit, and when the company outgrew the local market, Steinar Helle bicycled nearly 300 miles over mountains with a backpack of knives for the Oslo market. By the 1940s, the Holmedal whetstones were updated from manual to electric operation, opening more opportunities without subtracting originality and personality from the knife designs and production. The international company creates knives to fulfill all the outdoor demands of countless adventurers.

Helle Knife
Helle Knife - Photo Credit:

Wetterlings: Nine designers have been using forges in Storvik, Sweden to create Wetterlings axes. As one of the oldest traditional axe manufacturers, the international company seeks to preserve the knowledge gained from the history of the industry by applying the historical wisdom to innovative designs.

Wetterlings Scout Ratchet
Scout Ratchet #174 - Photo Credit:

Luci Lanterns: Designed by MPOWERD, Luci Lanterns come in stylish designs. The inflatable, and eco-friendly solar lights create a diverse ambience that is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. When the Haiti earthquake left millions without electricity, inspired entrepreneurs and skilled engineers created solar energy alternatives using technological and natural resources. Their goal is to ensure that another tragedy like Haiti isn’t compounded by lack of light.

Luci Outdoor
Luci Outdoor - Photo Credit:

Visit Appalachian Outfitters to see these remarkable products from fascinating companies! Even the trickiest gift-receiver will appreciate these unique gifts.

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