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Perkins Trail

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On Sunday, September 7, outdoorsmen and women gathered with Appalachian Outfitters at Perkins Trail. This trail, named after Simon Perkins, a co-founder of Akron, is 3.75 miles long. With a 260-foot elevation change, this trail earns its “difficult” rating. The ascent to the ridge of a wooded hillside begins as a switchback trail in the steepest parts before growing more gradual. The ascent, as a whole, lasts for approximately a mile. There are several different challenges with Perkins Trail – alternately narrow and wide pathways, varying slopes, heavily-rooted sections, shallow stream crossings, mud, and loose surfaces.

Do not let this deter you – the scenery is worth the challenge, as the trail grants accessibility to some of Cuyahoga Valley’s more quiet forests and stream ravines; at the beginning, we crossed Everett Road Covered Bridge, and later we saw hills, rifts, streams, various trees, and fields, not to mention other wildlife native to Northeastern Ohio. We all appreciated the opportunity to enjoy the scenery and the company of fellow hikers.

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Falling Hiking Series

This hike was part of our fall hiking schedule. For every hike you complete with our staff, you will have the chance to win exciting prizes. The Grand Prize is a set of Leki Micro Vario Carbon trekking poles, valued at $199.95! Another winner will receive a Superfeet insoles; every hiker appreciates comfortable feet! There are many additional prizes for other willing hikers; everyone who completes at least five hikes (including any variation of Sunday or Wednesday hikes) will receive an Adventure Medical UL.3 first aid kit, an essential tool for any hiker.

Hiking With Appalachian Outfitters

If you missed our Perkins Trail adventure, join us for our next hike! On Wednesday, September 10, we will hike the Cross Country Trail, and on Sunday, September 14, we will be at Wetmore Trail. We look forward to seeing you there!

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