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Picnic Time Picnic Baskets at Appalachian Outfitters

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Round Up the Gear—It’s Picnic Time!

Organized gear and picnic supplies for an outdoor picnic

Food brings people together, creating opportunities for stronger, better communities. For outdoors people, this is especially true for picnics—there’s no better way to foster relationships and enjoy nature than to have a picnic together! This is why Appalachian Outfitters is excited to introduce our new line of Picnic Time picnic baskets.

Our new line has arrived just in time for The Cleveland Orchestra’s concert at Blossom Music Center, where you can bring your own food and drinks to enjoy while you listen to orchestra music. What a fun evening!

Helping People Live Their Fullest Lives

Canasta Basket from Picnic Time
Get back to the basics with the practical and versatile Canasta Basket from Picnic Time
Photo Credit: Picnic Time

For 35 years, Picnic Time has been well known for its variety of picnic baskets, picnic tote bags, and wine baskets. The company’s goal is to use outstanding customer service to help people live their fullest lives with affordable, creative, and safe products. Many of Picnic Time’s baskets include accessories.One of our favorite sets is the Picnic Time Canterbury Picnic Basket, which includes tupperware, a blanket, salt and pepper shakers, dining for two, a wine bottle opener, and a knife and cheese board.

Country Basket from Picnic Time
Get back to the basics with the practical and versatile Canasta Basket from Picnic Time
Photo Credit: Picnic Time

2017, Picnic Time has created even more products to take food to the great outdoors. The Built To Last Lifetime Guarantee extends to this line as well, making it a valuable purchase for summer.

Not only are Picnic Time baskets long-lasting and high-quality, they’re also ethically made. Picnic Time doesn’t own or use any factory based outside of the US. The company developed Global Sourcing Standards that all of its suppliers must obey to be involved in Picnic Time. With these rules, the business guarantees that quality, value, labor practices, and codes of conduct are all unified under a single, ethical standard.

Carnaby Street Picnic Basket
Make your picnic a luxury with the Carnaby Street Picnic Basket, featuring porcelain plates, cutlery, and wine and cheese essential for four picnickers.
Photo Credit: Picnic Time

This is important because this business model fights against human trafficking and slavery, which can be directly involved in large supply chains of companies that use factories outside the US. By supporting ethical companies like Picnic Time, we support making the world a better place.

To further uphold the company’s standards, Picnic Time is a Category C affiliate under the Fairy Labor Association (FLA), a movement that protects the rights of laborers across the globe. Being part of the FLA means Picnic Time is required to be transparent about itself and its factories, subjecting the company to regular independent inspections.

Piccadilly Picnic Basket
This willow basket includes plates, silverware, wine glasses, and a corkscrew for your romantic picnic for two.
Photo Credit: Picnic Time

Picnic Time Picnic Baskets At Appalachian Outfitters

Do you want to enjoy outdoor meals with your friends? Are you looking for unique picnic basket gift ideas? Do you want to make a romantic getaway with a picnic basket for two? Or are you going to the Cleveland Orchestra at the Blossom Music Center?

Whatever your summer plans, a picnic basket is an ideal way to encourage more community and more good food in nature! Visit an Appalachian Outfitters location to shop our great collection of Picnic Time picnic baskets!

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