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Roots Rated Kiosk: Explore Farther And Deeper

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In the beginning of June, a new RootsRated Kiosk will make its home at Appalachian Outfitters! What does this mean for you and your next outdoor adventure?

Meet Your New Favorite Resource

As we explained in our previous post about RootsRated, it is a mobile and online website that helps outdoor enthusiasts find their next adventure in local areas. Users simply enter their location to find outdoor activities, which range from rock climbing destinations to paddling routes, from bike rides to hiking trails. Locally-owned retailers, conservationists, activity groups, and others have been crucial to developing RootsRated and contributing to the database of articles; local writers in each location write about the best outdoor activities available in their region, making every article in the RootsRated system authentic and unique.

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Now RootsRated is expanding – the company has created interactive kiosks that will be selectively placed at independently-owned outdoor retail stores throughout the US. These kiosks will help RootsRated to reach its ultimate purpose: making active communities more easily accessible for travelers and more diverse for local outdoors people who might not know what they’re missing in their local areas.

See Cleveland’s Outdoor Community In A New Light

The wooden kiosks, hand-crafted by a Chattanooga artist named Andrew Night, have an interactive, in-store iPad app will help you find interesting and fun adventures that are unique to the local Cleveland area and Appalachian Outfitters. All of the app’s features make it easier for you to find the activity you’re looking for, the answers to your questions, and a new perspective of Cleveland’s outdoor community:

  • Our kiosk will feature activities have been chosen by our staff and correlate with our staff’s topics of expertise.
  • Some of the activities connect with our event calendar, making the outdoors a more social experience.
  • The app will include brief bios about our staff so that you can find the expert advice that you need for your outdoor questions.
  • The kiosk caters to convenience; it allows users to text themselves directions as well as descriptions about the activities that they find most interesting.

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With this new resource, you can now explore Cleveland farther and deeper!

Explore The RootsRated Kiosk At Appalachian Outfitters

RootsRated offers both local residents and travelers authentic knowledge about the outdoor identity of a specific area. The RootsRated Kiosk is a new opportunity for you to explore Cleveland’s outdoors! Stop by Appalachian Outfitters in the beginning of June to see what you can find!

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