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Ruffing It: Essentials for Camping With Your Dog

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Man camping with his Siberian Husky

What better way to spend time outdoors than with your best friend? After all, a dog is a man’s best friend! What many people don’t realize, however, is that dogs need special camping gear just like we do. But what exactly will you need, and where do you start?

When you’re hiking and camping with your dog, we recommend some specific gear from high quality brands Ruffwear and Kurgo, who are both focused on making products that are equally important to dogs and their owners. Each piece of gear we’re featuring is important for the safety and enjoyment of your furry best friend!

Stay Afloat in the Lake

Ruffwear produces and sells a life jacket, called a Float Coat, for dogs. With this life jacket, you can safely take our dog onto your kayak, canoe, or stand up paddleboard after you’ve set up camp. Instead of roughly grasping your dog’s fur or skin and causing pain, you can help your buddy up by holding the handle on the back of the life jacket. Ruffwear’s Float Coat, available in a wide variety of sizes, includes reflective trim.

Ruffwear’s Float Coat
Help your dog the safe way with this Float Coat life jacket from Ruffwear.
Photo Credit: Ruffwear

Keep Cool On a Hot Day

Jet Stream by Ruffwear is a dog jacket that helps dogs to cool down during high-intensity activities, like strenuous hiking on a hot day. Just like humans, dogs can overheat when they’re exerting themselves in hot weather. The Jet Stream has a unique three-layer evaporation cool chest panel that encourages heat to release from your dog’s core.

Jet Stream by Ruffwear
Help your dog stay cool no matter the weather or activity.
Photo Credit: Ruffwear

Pack Up for a Journey

Make it easy for your dog to hike with a few treats and goodies with Kurgo’s Baxter Dog Backpack. The pack has eight different adjustments that tailor it to your dog’s unique shape and size. Ergonomic padding on the spine and a rear-mounted leash keep your dog comfortable with a light load of food, treats, toys, first-aid supplies, and more in the adjustable saddlebags.

Baxter Dog Backpack
Keep your dog comfortable no matter what’s in the pack!
Photo Credit: Kurgo

Stay Bright in the Dark

Kurgo’s North Country Dog Coat with LED Safety Lighting keeps your dog safe when you’re outdoors late at night. Whether you’re camping for a summer night or hiking home at dusk, your furry friend will be safe by your side with this flashing LED coat. The jacket is waterproof and machine washable, and its durable Ripstop fabric can withstand anything the elements send your way.

North Country Dog Coat with LED Safety Lighting
Help your dog stay bright – and safe! – at night.
Photo Credit: Kurgo

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