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Sarah’s Vineyard: Escape The Daily Grind

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The next time you’re weary of city life, visit Sarah’s Vineyard for a relaxing evening in a unique atmosphere. This is a favorite of Appalachian Outfitters – you can enjoy the natural view of the Metro Parks, listen to good music, eat tasty food, and relax with your family and friends, all in one sitting.

Natural view at Sarah’s Vineyard (photo credit: Sarah’s Vineyard)

The Wine

While traveling in Italy, the founders of Sarah’s Vineyard experienced wine on tap. Local Italians took their own carafes, filled up, paid the owner, and enjoyed their beverage. Delighted by the taste of the wine, the founders brought the idea home to Sarah’s Vineyard, where they serve wine on tap for wine tastings.

This means the wine tastes better, has fewer preservatives, costs less to package, and costs consumers less to enjoy it. Wine on tap is healthier for you and the environment. This is one of the reasons Sarah’s Vineyard was voted the #1 Ohio Winery in Beacon’s Best in 2013.

bottle labeling
Tony, Joe & Mike bottling and labeling wine at Sarah’s Vineyard (photo credit: Sarah’s Vineyard)

The Menu

Many locals rave about the food at Sarah’s Vineyard – the pierogies are especially recommended. The menu has a variety that is a challenge to choose from; the starters range from nachos and queso to artichoke and Asiago cheese dips.

wood fired pizza
Wood-fired pizza at Sarah’s Vineyard (photo credit: Sarah’s Vineyard)

There is an assortment of salads, sandwiches, and desserts. As if that menu doesn’t already sound good enough, there are also fire-baked pizzas every Wednesday and Thursday night during the summer months.

The Music

You can also enjoy live music at Sarah’s Vineyard. At the moment, an outdoor pavilion is under construction, but after that is finished, musicians will perform regularly through the summer. During winter months, soloists and acoustic duos perform every Wednesday evening. Check the calendar at Sarah’s Vineyard for upcoming music events.

steve cipirano band
Steve Cipriano Band playing at Summer Solstice Festival at Sarah’s Vineyard (photo credit: Sarah’s Vineyard)

The Art

Sarah’s Vineyard supports the local community, and this includes featuring both local and national artists in the art gallery. As you sip your wine, you can peruse the pottery, blown glass, jewelry, collages, and photography. The best part is that you can take this art home with you. Speak to an employee about purchasing a piece.

The Location

As part of the Metro Parks, the founders of Sarah’s Vineyard essentially pay rent to the National Parks Service through a program called the Countryside Initiative. This initiative is part of an effort to rebuild ecological farms located within the CVNP. As part of this lease, Sarah’s Vineyard was required to clear the land, grow the vineyard, and construct the winery. Also, as part of the lease, the founders use only sustainable-agricultural methods using minimum chemicals and other techniques that are healthier for the earth and the wine.

Thanks to the Metro Parks program, Sarah’s Vineyard rests amid seventeen natural area parks. About 200 miles of trails wind through 27,000 acres of protected land and water. You can appreciate all this with a view from a comfortable seat at Sarah’s Vineyard as you taste wine and relish pierogies far away from the noisy city.

Beautiful, peaceful views of Sarah’s Vineyard (photo credit: Sarah’s Vineyard)

Spring, Summer, and Fall Hours at Sarah’s Vineyard:

Monday and Tuesday: closed
Wednesday and Thursday: 11am-9pm
Friday and Saturday: 11am-11pm
Sunday: 1pm-8pm

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