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Sea To Summit Sleeping Mats Expected To Arrive This Week!

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Sea to Summit is releasing a line of premium sleeping "mattresses" that will give a new meaning to sleeping in the great outdoors.

All Sea to Summit sleeping mats will provide a softer and more comfortable mat with increased body contact area and evenly dispersed pressure.

In getting rid of the traditional baffled construction, these mats are composed of dot-weld patterns which create a high surface-area grid of interconnected chambers. This Air Sprung Cell design is the core technology used in these mats and the reason why it will be one of the most comfortable products on the market.

While every camper, backpacker or mountaineer has a preference for what kind of mat they will want to carry, Sea to Summit has come out with a 6-product line of mattresses.

Three Series of Comfort:

The Ultra Light Series (Single Layer Design), which will give you the smallest lightest and smallest pack value without compromising comfort.

The Comfort Light (Hybrid Layer Design) which features a dual layer contruction for maxium insulation and comfort in the torso and single-layer construction for the head and legs to save space and weight.

The Comfort Plus Series (Dual Layer Design), provides two layers to body weight and shape over more cells, creating more of an overall cushioned and insulated mat. These mats have the capability to be adjusted using a fine tune valve which can lower pressure for a softer and more comfortable feel.

Other mat features include: Thermolite insulation, Exkin Platinum reflective heat retaining fabric, 40D nylon ripstop fabric, 20D Nylon internal fabric, and Extrusion TPU Lamination. All sleeping mats will come with a stuff sack and small repair kit to patch any emergency tears on the go.

six sea to summit sleeping mats showcasing the new series, ultralight, ultralight insulate, comfort light, comfort light insulated, comfort plus, and comfort plus insulated.

Available in March 2015, we will be carrying the full line of sleeping mats that Sea to Summit offers.

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