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This event provides the unique opportunity to meet the founder of a globally recognized company that has been featured in Alpinist Magazine. As personal friends of Tashi, we want to spread his passion and sincerity for helping people in Nepal through his retail line.

We Are Sherpa
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Together, We Make A Difference

Tashi Sherpa’s uncle, Ang Gyalzen Sherpa, was one of the Sherpa guides who assisted Sir Edmund Hillary’s successful ascent of Mt. Everest in 1953. Sherpa guides fulfill an essential, dangerous role in the climbing community; they rescue ill and injured climbers, carry loads of food and gear, set ropes, and guide climbers.

Despite their importance, many times these unsung, anonymous heroes and heroines live in poverty below Everest. Tashi Sherpa uses his company to share the stories of Sherpas and improve the lives of the Everest-based Sherpa community in a number of ways:

  • He sponsors the world’s best Everest climbers to test his products: the Sherpa guides.
  • He pays Sherpa Brand ambassadors a royalty sum based on sales at his company.
  • He donates $.50 of the sales from each product to The Paldorje Education Fund, which is dedicated to educating underprivileged Sherpa children living in Nepal.
  • He actively participates in establishing more non-profit partnerships to improve the lives of those most affected.
  • He hires local Sherpas in Katmandu to weave products, such as Sherpa Adventure Gear’s hand-made wool hats.

Cho Oyu
Cho Oyu - Photo Credit: Ben Jones

“Each season we grow,” Tashi says. “But at the core we will always be a small company with a simple vision of doing business in the inimitable way of the Sherpas… One step at a time, helping each other on the climb up, and never losing sight of the destination.”

Every year, Sherpa guides risk their lives to assist Himalayan climbers. This past spring, an avalanche on Mt. Everest devastated Sherpa families. When you purchase Sherpa hats and duffels from Appalachian Outfitters, all of the profits will go to a fund supporting the affected families. When you purchase other products on December 2, we donate 10% of the profits to agencies supporting Nepalese Sherpas.

Please RSVP for this event at Appalachian Outfitters. We look forward to seeing you there!

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