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Sierra Designs: All About the Good Life

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When you’re looking for some wanderlust and a greater sense of exploration in life, why not turn to the brand that stands for those very ideas? We’re excited to now carry Sierra Designs at Appalachian Outfitters, a brand with high ethics, quality, sustainability, and vision behind their California-based line of outdoor gear and apparel. We can’t wait for you to check out their tents and Cloud sleeping bags!

All About the Outdoors

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Photo Credit: Sierra Designs

Sierra Designs’ credo is “think outside.” Embodying this credo means explorers plan their days based on their next adventure; they feel a sense of wanderlust each time they go outside; they enjoy campfire moments and night skies in the wilderness; they focus on the adventure and not the destination; and they step outside their comfort zones. To Sierra Designs, this credo means never accepting ordinary, because extraordinary could be just around the corner!

Sierra Designs was first created in California in 1965. Having been made on the trails, the company’s equipment and apparel is attractive, practical, functional, and attainable for everyone who wants to enjoy the wilderness.

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

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Photo Credit: Sierra Designs

This vision carries with it a significant amount of social responsibility. Company leaders evaluate vendors based on performance and social responsibility just a much as on cost, quality and delivery.

Sierra Designs considers employees, customers, and the general public to be company stakeholders as well, and these people rely on the company to uphold a strong, sustainable social compliance program. This is why the company’s Social Responsibility Program uses ethical business principles, standards, and the Exxel Outdoors Code of Conduct to protect human rights and working conditions in factories that collaborate with Sierra Designs around the world.

Sierra Designs outlines its standards for human rights in its Code of Conduct:

  • Enforce and sustain high ethical standards
  • Offer legal wages and benefits
  • Implement legal working hour requirements
  • Engage in environmental safekeeping
  • Guarantee health and safety for factory facilities
  • Uphold legal requirements in the factory country
  • Deny child labor with documentation
  • Keep acceptable disciplinary actions

Sleep Even Better Outdoors with Sleeping Bags as Soft as Clouds

Sleeping outdoors is one of the greatest joys of exploring, and now you can sleep even better with the Cloud 800 sleeping bag, available for 20-degree and 35-degree weather. If soft wilderness sounds aren’t enough to lull you to sleep around the campfire, this comfortable, zipperless design will do the trick!

When you unpack your Cloud sleeping bag from its sack, you’ll instantly see that the patent-pending design is all about comfort. Designers created this sleeping bag to resemble your comfortable bed at home, like an oversized comforter. The insulated shoulder pocket wraps around you, keeps you warm, and prevents drafts from slipping through. But don’t worry about feeling too claustrophobic; the self-sealing foot vent also allows for ventilation when you need it. The sleep pad sleeve, which replaces the bottom insulation in traditional sleeping bags, will keep your sleeping mat directly underneath you all night long.

Shop Sierra Designs at Appalachian Outfitters

Now you have the opportunity to try a Cloud sleeping bag at Appalachian Outfitters. Visit our store to see the quality of Sierra Designs for yourself. We’ll see you there!


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