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Sierra Designs Partnered with Grassroots Outdoor Alliance

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What’s better than a quality outdoor gear company? A partnership between a quality outdoor gear company and a good cause! Sierra Designs recently partnered with Grassroots Outdoor Alliance and created an exclusive line of sleeping bags and an exclusive tent (both available at Appalachian Outfitters). Sierra Designs, an outdoor company that has been making high performance backcountry gear since 1965, and Grassroots Outdoor Alliance, a community of independent outdoor specialty brands and retailers, aim to develop a high quality product exclusive to the partnership.

Grassroots Outdoor Alliance

The purpose of the Grassroots Outdoor Alliance is to promote the health and growth of the industry we know and love—the specialty outdoor retail industry. To do this, the Alliance unites independent outdoor specialty retailers and brands that seek to further innovate in the industry.

Currently, the Alliance has 70 members. These members build relationships among themselves and with vendor partners. Acting as a brain trust, the members exchange ideas, data, insights, education, experience, and opportunities that benefit everyone who is passionate about promoting nature and spending time outdoors.

Synthesis 20 sleeping bag
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This trusted network encourages a team mindset among outdoor retailers. Members can collaborate, work together, support each other, and help build up the industry. Whether members are sales reps, vendors, retailers, or marketers, or even buyers, the Alliance welcomes varied perspectives into the network. For example:

  • For retailers, Grassroots offers strength in numbers. Such alliances are the best way to make trusted collaboration happen in our industry.
  • For vendors, Grassroots is key to a healthy industry. The collaborative environment helps vendors better understand the best ways to serve the small, personal community of specialty outdoor retailers.
  • For reps, Grassroots helps them better understand the national and local levels of specialty outdoor gear companies. Grassroots provides information that is exclusive to the Alliance, working hard to offer support to reps who want to improve the industry.

As a collaborative team, the Alliance makes a strong, vibrant community of industry influencers. Their collective voice is heard loud and clear, working to preserve the environment that outdoor enthusiasts love, and striving to uphold honorable business practices. The members focus on education and community to support independent, specialty retail specific to the outdoors. In this way, the Alliance creates opportunities for specialty businesses and improves the outdoor industry.

Synthesis-20-sleeping bag
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Synthesis 20 Degree

The partnership developed an exclusive sleeping bag line that is designed to be ultralight. The sleeping bags are made of lightweight material and synthetic insulation that are typically only found at a higher price point. Even though it’s light, it packs a heavy punch with unique features that are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Dual zipper system for breathability and comfort.
  • Self-sealing foot vent for temperature control.
  • Synthetic insulation offers comfortable warmth.
  • 20D nylon fabric provides lightweight options and durability.
  • Draft dodger collar stops cold air from slipping in.

Clearwing 2 tent
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Clearwing 2

The partnership also made the Clearwing 2, a two-vestibule, two-door, freestanding tent designed for backpacking. The steep vertical sidewalls mean that the interior feels spacious. After you’re done camping in this roomy tent, it packs into a small burrito bag for easier carrying.

  • Hoop poles maximize the spacious interior
  • Pole construction efficiently packs into a small bag
  • Burrito bag included
  • Vented rainfly for weather control

Sierra Designs and Grassroots Outdoor Alliance at Appalachian Outfitters

We’re thrilled to support Sierra Designs and Grassroots Outdoor Alliance in this new partnership. Support the outdoor gear alliance today by visiting Appalachian Outfitters for your own exclusive sleeping bag and tent!

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