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Skratch Labs: Simple, Natural Solutions

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Nutrition and hydration are just as important to our health as exercise, especially during the hot summer months when many of us increase our fitness and outdoor activities. Skratch Labs is here to help us maintain our nutrition and hydration during the hectic summer months with simple, natural products.

Effective, Natural Nutrients

One of Skratch Labs’ most popular products is an all-natural sports drink: Exercise Hydration Mix. When you sweat, you lose valuable fluids and electrolytes from your body. This mix replaces those fluids and electrolytes while also giving you enough calories to continue fueling your muscles. The designers at Skratch Labs use only real fruit – no preservatives or artificial colors! – in this Exercise Hydration Mix, meaning that your stomach won’t be upset, and you won’t have a bad after taste. (Skratch Labs’ sports drinks also include Daily Electrolyte Mix and Hyper Hydration Mix.)

Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix
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Fast Acting Hydration

Like other Skratch Labs’ Oral Rehydration Solutions, Rescue Hydration Mix is all-natural. Skratch Labs designers created this mix specifically for adults and children suffering from dehydration. This electrolyte and fluid replacement formula has a clean taste and real fruit. Because artificial additives are the last things you want to worry about when you’re dehydrated, you won’t find artificial anything in this mix.

Balanced, Simple Fuel

Another popular product is Skratch Labs’ Fruit Drops, flavored with real fruit and simple ingredients. No more dreading the aftertaste or after texture of waxy fruit chews – these Fruit Drops don’t have wax coatings and do have real fruit flavors! Many people use Fruit Drops as one of their carbohydrate resources. They like these chews because they help maintain their performance in strenuous, lengthy exercising (think long hikes and long runs) and balance their blood sugar. The subtle, pleasant taste is a convenient, simple way to fuel an active summer schedule.

Skratch Labs Fruit Drops
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Long-Term Vision

Skratch Labs is more than a company – it is the foundation of a community that focuses on natural solutions for the problems that people face in caring for their families and themselves. Skratch Labs has blogs, nutrition products, community events, and cookbooks to help all of us as we strive for better health. This philosophy and mission extends throughout a variety of capacities; most recently, Skratch Labs and Appalachian Outfitters partnered to send supplies to Nepal for earthquake relief in April and May 2015.

Appalachian Outfitters and Skratch Labs

Appalachian Outfitters carries all of Skratch Labs’ Fruit Drops energy chews and hydration and energy drink mixes. Visit us to see our complete line of Skratch Labs products and find the perfect fit for your busy summer schedule today!

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