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The Spicy Lamb Farm: Stewardship & Sustainability in One Community

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One of ten farms in the Countryside Initiative, The Spicy Lamb Farm, is located within the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and part of the Countryside Conservancy program. The Spicy Lamb is a working farm where you learn about environmental stewardship and sustainable farming while enjoying the benefits firsthand -- namely, tasty produce and warm, woolen crafts.

Visit the Animals on the Family Farm

The Spicy Lamb Farm raises Dorset sheep, Border collies, Highland cattle, New Zealand and Angora rabbits, horses, and various chickens, ducks, and peafowls.

Laura DeYoung and her children have been raising a flock of Dorset sheep since 2007. The Dorsets are named after the county of Dorset in England and are one of the oldest & purest breeds in the British Isles. They are a cross between the Spanish Merino sheep and the Welsh meat sheep, producing the desirable all-purpose breed of sheep with medium-soft wool and muscled carcasses.

Young Erika with her Sheep at Spicy Lamb Farm (Photo Credit:

The Products from Gourmet to Comfort Support the CVNP

The Spicy Lamb Farm grows organic apples, pears, plums, herbs, and vegetables, available when in season. They produce gourmet lamb from their flocks and honey from their beehives. Wool blankets, yarn, roving, and fiber crafts are available for your enjoyment; all wool products are grown by their sheep and made by their hands. Products are sold at the Countryside Conservancy Farmers Market, where you can support both local farms and the CVNP in the Countryside Initiative program. Ten percent of their gross profit goes back to the CVNP.

Wool Blanket made by The Spicy Lamb Farm - Photo Credit:

Mark Your Calendar for Upcoming Fall Events

A supporter of agritourism, the Spicy Lamb hosts various events, including educational programs.
  • September 20th, 1-4pm The Spicy Lamb Farm will host a herding demonstration, as well as education about spinning and fiber crafts.
  • September 27th, 10am-4pm Fall Fiber & Fabric Festival - Local artists will exhibit and sell fiber arts and crafts. Also enjoy music from 1-3pm, Thanks to The Effangee Band. If you’re a vendor, you can sign up to get involved.
  • October 18th and 19th, starting at 8:30am The Spicy Lamb Farm hosts the annual Cuyahoga Valley Sheep Dog Trials. The dogs will move sheep through a field, gates, fences, or enclosures. Spectators are welcome; tickets cost $10 per person per day.

Other ongoing programs include Adopt-a-Sheep, where you can learn more about the farming process, including shearing your sheep; you’ll receive an heirloom blanket created from your own sheep’s wool. Herding events, such as demonstrations, classes, and practices take place throughout the year. School groups are welcome to visit for farm tours and educational programs.


The Spicy Lamb Farm Festivals - Photo Credit:

Join Appalachian Outfitters in Supporting the Local Community!

Visit the Spicy Lamb Farm for produce, education, or a fun time outdoors. We look forward to seeing you there!
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