Stand Up Paddle Boarding: A New Experience For You

For centuries, there has been some variation of stand up paddle boarding, from Hawaii to England to Africa to Tel Aviv, whether for fighting, hunting, or lifeguarding. Nobody knows exactly when stand up paddle boarding was invented, but everybody knows it’s a fantastic sport!

Surftech Paddle Boarding in slot canyon photo credit: Brad Shorb
Surftech Paddle Boarding in slot canyon (photo credit: Brad Shorb)

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Health Benefits

You already know exercise is good for you. In the case of stand up paddle boarding, the intensity of your exercise depends on the waves. However, no matter the waves you face, there are health benefits:

  • Core – When you balance, you engage your core. This increases when you balance on water’s changing surface.
  • Legs – Because you balance on moving water, you constantly shift your weight, exercising your leg muscles.
  • Arms, back, and shoulders – Paddling strengthens your arms, back, and shoulders.
  • Low impact – Unlike running, which has higher impact on joints and ligaments and thus more injuries, stand up paddle boarding is low impact with fewer injuries. This also makes the sport accessible to all ages.
  • Flexibility – If standing on the paddle board isn’t enough for you, why not try downward dog? Many people practice yoga on paddle boards.
  • Relieves stress – Studies show countless health improvements from being outside. Stand up paddle boarding is under the sun and on the water – an ideal combination for emotional and mental relaxation.

Paddle boarding in Mogadore Reservoir photo credit: Brad Shorb
Paddle boarding in Mogadore Reservoir (photo credit: Brad Shorb)

Because this sport uses all muscle groups, athletes use stand up paddle boarding for cross training. Why not add paddle boarding to your marathon training routine?

Paddle boarding in Mogadore Reservoir photo credit: Brad Shorb
Paddle boarding in Mogadore Reservoir (photo credit: Brad Shorb)

Stand Up Paddle Boarding...And Yoga!

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced yogi, it’s understandable to be nervous about trying yoga on a paddle board for the first time. This is exactly why Lake Erie Paddler offers lessons at 9am and 11am on Saturdays and Sundays. Locations include Lakeview Park Beach, the Black River at Harborwalk, French Creek, and more throughout the area.

The health benefits of yoga increase when practiced on a paddle board. Because you’re balancing, your core gets an even better workout. Thanks to the water’s surface, you’ll notice when your poses lean more to one side than the other – your board will tell you! The water helps you to relax and focus on your breath. It’s fun, it’s challenging enough to send off some adrenalin, and it gives you a new perspective.


Stand Up Paddle Boarding Near You

If you’re interested in stand up paddle boarding, Appalachian Outfitters is a great place to start. We have watersports equipment from top brands, including Surftech gear, made by a company with over twenty-five years of experience. Surftech’s founders worked with professional athletes to create the best boards possible. This equipment is composed of Tuflite, which is durable and lightweight.

Not only do we match you with the best equipment, but we also show you how to use it! We regularly train our staff on our equipment. Visit us if you have more questions about paddle boarding!

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