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Start the Morning Off Right With Alpine Start and Cusa Tea

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Instant coffee on a camping trip

For many of us, our first cup of coffee or tea is what gets us moving in the morning. When you’re camping overnight, the anticipation of fresh, delicious coffee or tea shouldn’t be ruined when you taste typical instant coffee. Instead, the next time you need camp coffee or tea, wake up to instant morning drinks that doesn’t taste like instant, thanks to Alpine Start coffee and Cusa Tea.


Alpine Start Instant Coffee

Matt Segal, the founder of Alpine Start, missed good-tasting coffee so much on his climbing expedition in British Columbia that he decided to make the instant coffee he needed. After finishing his climb in Bugaboos, he went home to Boulder, Colorado, where he asked Alex Hanifin (natural food enthusiast) to help him make delicious instant coffee.


The result of Segal and Hanifin’s collaboration was Alpine Start’s Original Blend. Using high altitude, good quality arabica beans that instantly dissolve in either cold or hot water, this coffee is full bodied with a touch of acidity – it’s just as tasteful as drip coffee.

Alpine Start Original Blend Instant Coffee
No need to wait for your morning brew – use Alpine Start Original Blend Instant Coffee! Photo Credit: Alpine Start

Inside each box is eight individual units of delicious coffee ideal for camping, travel, or early mornings in general. In fact, the name “Alpine Start” is typically used by outdoors people to refer to an especially early rise in the morning, usually with the goal of reducing obstacles that they might find while climbing or hiking. This early start could begin anytime from midnight to dawn! When you get up that early and need to be alert, you want instant coffee to wake you up right away.

Cusa Tea Instant Tea

Jim Lamancusa became fascinated with tea while he was studying abroad in Hong Kong, where he regularly navigated traditional tea shops. He was so passionate about his tea exploration that he spent over two years living in southeast Asia to learn more about tea craft, culture, plantations, and shops in India and China. After fifteen years of tea enthusiasm, he went backpacking in the Colorado Rockies, where he began steeping a bag of tea and thinking it would make more sense to have instant tea of good quality.

Lamancusa went home and spend the next nine months experimenting until he found a new process to brew, dehydrate, and create an instant organic tea that tasted good. With his Cold Steep Technology, Cusa Tea instant tea tastes just as good as the beverage served in traditional Asian tea shops.

Alpine Start Original Blend Instant Coffee
Enjoy the authentic taste of real tea even when it’s instant with Cusa Tea! Photo Credit: Cusa Tea

Each product of Cusa Tea is free of excess sugar, additives, chemicals, and fillers. No matter how little time you have, you can create instant hot or cold tea that is healthy and tastes authentic. Cusa Tea flavors range include a variety of flavors: green tea, black tea, oolong tea, and more; find your favorite today!

Stock Up for Your Next Camping Trip at Appalachian Outfitters

Visit Appalachian Outfitters to try instant coffee and tea from Alpine Start and Cusa Tea. Whether you’re camping overnight or simply tired of the long brewing and steeping process every morning, you’ll love the taste of these drinks!

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