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Staying Safe, Warm and Dry With Traction Aids and Insulated Boots

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Do you long to go outdoors during the snowy, icy winter months, but you don’t know where to start looking for winter gear? There’s no reason the snow and ice should keep you from exploring the wild outdoors, especially when you have good traction aids to keep you from slipping and properly insulated boots keep you warm and dry.


Yaktrax Walkers Traction System

For lightweight, all-purpose traction aids, this traction system from Yaktrax is the perfect fit. Made of hand-wound coiled steel that is rust resistant, these attach to the bottoms of your shoes so that the steel grips the snow and ice give you stability while maintaining your natural walking stride. With 10 times more gripping points than regular spike systems, these lightweight Yaktrax walkers are versatile, fitting almost all footwear, including winter boots and running shoes, and the polyelastomer material stretches to cover a variety of sizes. Thanks to the low profile, Yaktrax still feels natural when you take a step. These aids are simple to use in the coldest temperature; without any straps or buckles, you can attach the hook to the toe of your shoe and then stretch the traction aids over the sole of your foot. With updated strands, heel tabs, outer bands, toe bridge, and impact nubs, these are durable, comfortable traction aids.

Photo Credit: Yaktrax

Kahtoola MICROspikes Traction System

Known for high quality gear, the Kahtoola MICROspikes Traction System has twelve hardened stainless-steel spikes for each shoe. These spikes, measuring 3/8”, cling to icy ground so you can stay upright. This traction system is extremely durable. The reinforced eyelets help your gear will last even longer, while the integrated toe bales keep your spikes right where you need them. As an added bonus, the system includes its own tote sack. These useful details don’t mean that you have to sacrifice your own efficiency. The elastomer harnesses weigh 38% less than Kahtoola’s earlier version, and this material keeps harnesses flexible at -22°F. The stainless-steel flex chains stop snowballing, and the heal tabs make it easier to put on or take off your new traction aids.
Microspikes traction device on a shoe.

If you want to step up your winter footwear another to yet another level, we recommend the following insulated boots. We trust these companies to make quality, durable footwear that won’t let you down when you need it most.


Obozs Insulated Boots

There’s nothing as miserable as cold feet when you’re outside during the winter months. This is why Obozs makes new, B-DRY waterproof and Thinsulate® Insulation designs. With O Fit Insole® Thermal technology, Obozs is a step above the competition. Each detail has a purpose:
  • The Mylare base layer keeps heat close to your feet
  • The low-density EVA pod gives your soles extra comfort and cushion
  • The high-density EVA material in your arch keeps your foot in its natural gait
  • The felt wool in the top layer gives extra comfort and extra waterproofing
  • The high-density EVA deep heel cup gives you even more support for a natural feel to each step you take

In addition, Obozs uses unique winterized rubber outsole patterns to properly support your stride. To personalize your Obozs boots, you can alter your warming 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation to be 100, 200, and 400 gram weights. Make your winter boots exactly what you need!


Photo Credit: Obozs

Vasque Coldspark UltraDry Winter Boots

Vasque has designed insulated winter boots to rise above the competition. The soft-shell uppers and waterproof leather material are covered with UltraDry™ waterproof breathable membranes to stop water from leaking into your shoe while also allowing your sweat to evaporate. 3M™ Thinsulate™ insulation, weighing in at 300 grams, will also keep you warm. In addition to warmth and waterproofing, Vasque’s boots include fleece collar linings and gait d-ring for a natural fit. The dual-density EVA material in the footbeds and midsoles will stop your feet from aching after a long day snowshoeing or hiking.

Keen Winterport II Insulated Winter Boots

Keen, one of our favorite outdoor gear companies, features an insulated winter boot that is perfect for a wide range of snowsports. The waterproof, breathable coating and waterproof nylon uppers will guarantee no snow creeps into your shoes. The 200 grams of synthetic insulation stays effective, even at -32°F. Keen believes in good gear but also in comfort; the cushioning will hug your feet as you enjoy the outdoors. You can even remove the thermal footbeds to make sure you stay warm.

Traction Aids and Insulated Winter Boots at Appalachian Outfitters

Stop by Appalachian Outfitters today to try on your own insulated winter boots and explore our selection of traction aids. We look forward to helping you get outside and enjoy the last few months of winter adventures!
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