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Summer Backpacking

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Summertime is for enjoying the outdoors, and which means planning a summer backpacking excursion. Whether you’re an experienced backpacker or this is your first time in the wild, we have upcoming events with the Northeastern Backpacking Club, tips for the North Country Trail in northwestern Pennsylvania, and gear you’ll need along the way.

Backpacking is more than hiking – backpackers carry their gear in a backpack while hiking through the outdoors and staying in the wild overnight. Their backpacks contain water, food, and shelter. Packing these items can be challenging, especially if trips are long-distance and last many weeks. This is why backpackers use lightweight, durable, high-quality, long-lasting gear, like Sea to Summit pillows, mats, liners, sleeping bags, kitchen items, and more.

Join The Northeastern Ohio Backpacking Club

The Northeastern Ohio Backpacking Club offers information about backpacking and fosters a community for backpackers. There is no cost to join the club – simply register online, join the Discussions page, and share or log your adventures.

The club has some exciting activities coming up. Their different trips include hiking from Marion to Damascus, backpacking to Mount Rogers, trekking the Finger Lakes Trail, hiking on Old Loggers Path, backpacking the John Muir Trail 2015 Thru Hike – N to S, exploring the Wonderland Trail near Mount Rainier, hiking around Sequoia and Kings Canyon, backpacking Bruce Trail, and exploring Black Forest Trial. The Club knows how to keep busy - all of these adventures are happening within the next four months!

Explore The North Country Trail

Now that you’re itching for adventure, we recommend exploring the North Country Trail, which is part of the North Country National Scenic Trail reaching from New York to North Dakota as it covers 4,600 miles through 12 National Forests.

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The North Country Trail winds through state lands and private lands, including Toby Creek watershed and Clarion River corridor southwest. The Allegheny Rail Trail travels 40 miles northwest and joins the great Allegheny River’s eastern bank. The North Country Trail encompasses State Game lands 95, Olds Stone House (SR 8), Moraine State Park and Lake Arthur, the Jennings Environmental Education Center, McConnell’s Mill State Park, Davis Hollow Cabin, Slippery Rock Gorge, Alpha Pass, Hell’s Run, and more.

Summer Backpacking With Appalachian Outfitters

Before you set off with the club or on the North Country Trail, visit Appalachian Outfitters for all your Sea to Summit backpacking gear, including personal care, mosquito & bug protection, pillows, sleeping bags, waterproof pack covers and gear, travel & sleeping bag liners, stuff & compression sacks, camp kitchen, and Travelling Light™. We look forward to helping you find your perfect gear!

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