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Superfeet: Explore the Outdoors Pain-Free

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Superfeet insoles
No matter the weather or terrain, Superfeet are made to make you feel good!
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Sitting may be the new smoking, but in our efforts to keep moving, how do your feet feel? Did you know that relying on feet that lack the proper support can cause health problems beyond sore soles? If your feet regularly ache after a fun weekend of hiking or a morning run, try Superfeet Custom Carbon All Season or Custom Carbon All Season Thin insoles.

Why Superfeet?

Superfeet Custom Carbon All Season Insoles
Caption: Superfeet Custom Carbon All Season Insoles will keep your feet feeling great all day long!
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Biomechanics demonstrate that when muscles and gravity connect, it can cause significant wear and tear on our bodies. Rearfoot is the main focus on Superfeet because that’s where most of our walking, standing, and running activity is based. Poorly supported feet can result in pain in your feet and ankle but also your knees, hips, lower back, mid and upper back, and neck.

Superfeet uses the science of podiatric medicine to design and distribute the highest standard of insoles. With their innovation, Superfeet has earned more than 40 international and national patents. These insoles use structured heel cups and foam support along the length of your foot to stabilize your stride.

  • Heel: The structured heel cup holds and positions the heel’s soft tissue to reduce shock absorption.
  • Arch: The rearfoot support gives your arch proper support to keep you stable on your feet all day long.
  • Stride: An overall firm foam layer with a stabilizer cap are engineered to prevent any deep aches and pains inside your joints.

To keep every joint in your feet and body feeling great, we recommend trying Superfeet insoles!

Superfeet Custom Carbon All Season Insoles At Appalachian Outfitters

With Superfeet Custom Carbon All Season Insoles, you can walk out of the store with truly customized insoles for your unique feet and stride. After a brief but thorough scan and gait analysis of your unique stride, your insoles are manufactured with a carbon fiber polymer blend. Your new, customized, unique insoles are mailed to you in just 2-3 weeks!

We can’t wait to help you get back on your feet! Visit Appalachian Outfitters to see our selection of Superfeet insoles today!
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