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Sustainability in the Time of COVID-19

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Written By: Mihai Untea  


     With the ongoing pandemic causing a wave of fear and uncertainty about our health and well-being, many of us have drastically changed various aspects of our daily lives in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones from getting sick. One of these changes includes the increase of single-use plastics in an effort to reduce the spread of germs.  According to the Plastic Oceans Foundation, we produce over 300 million tons of plastic every year, 50% of which are single-use, utilized for a few moments, but on the earth for a few hundred years after. Reusables on the other hand can offer the same protection against the spread of germs as single-use items do as long as they are properly washed and maintained and they also assist in reducing our plastic consumption in the long run.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the easiest time to introduce the use of reusables, however, with a little bit of creativity and drive we can easily implement a few eco-friendly choices in our daily lives.  For example, next time when ordering takeout we can request for no plastic utensils or straws with our order and instead use our own.  If your grocery store allows it, using a cloth reusable bag and making sure to bag your own groceries will help save on plastic and may even be safer than having the employees handle the single-use bags provided at the store.  If you and another person want the same beverage at a drive-thru, order the largest size then split it into two reusable drink containers.

Light My Fire Bio MealKit

The MealKit BIO by Light My Fire is the perfect all-in-one starter pack for anyone looking to start their reusable food & drink container collection.  


If your trouble is that you’re running low on reusable containers/products, well then we here at Appalachian Outfitters have got you covered!  We carry a variety of reusable and eco-friendly products such as Sea to Summit silicone bowls, cups, and poly utensils, a wide array of tried and true Stanley and Yeti drink containers, and our newly arrived sets of beautifully crafted Kupilka containers and cutlery, as well as many other products and brands. The possibilities for reusability in our day to day lives are endless.  Hopefully, we can come out of the COVID-19 crisis more determined than ever to end our dependence on single-use plastics and pave a way toward a greener and more sustainable future!


Yeti 20oz Rambler

Coffee or tea on the go has never been made easier than with our Yeti Rambler 20oz Tumbler!  It will keep your beverage fresh longer than any single-use cup ever could!



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