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Sustainable Food Consumption Outdoors

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By: Josie D.

With the mass amounts of waste popping up along shore lines, on trails and in campsites; many are coming up with alternative ways to minimize their waste by bringing different products with them on the trail in order to keep a sustainable environment for those to come. The following are various products that can be used to reduce your impact on the environment, particularly when on the trail.

Bamboo Straws:

No matter the type of reusable straw, having something that can be used more than once is an easy and inexpensive way to clean up the environment. Perfect for life on and off the trail, these guys come in a variety of sizes for everyday use. The bamboo option is lightweight and easy to store in a backpack. Perfect for sipping soup in the back-country or drinking a smoothie by the ocean, the bamboo option doesn’t conduct temperature changes and is relatively easy to clean.


Sporks have become a staple to the outdoor industry one meal at a time. Having one utensil for all meals makes it easy to carry and easy to clean up before going to bed. Sporks are also a great item to keep in a purse or backpack for meals on the go! Pro tip: when backpacking, bring a spare, these guys are not susceptible to being left behind.


Disposable water bottles liter beaches, roadways, and trails daily. Make your switch to reusable water bottles and coffee cups or get a cup that can do all. Stanley’s Go Series partners with their Ceramivac technology which uses a ceramic wall over the stainless steel to prevent tastes and smells from sticking. One rinse after your morning coffee allows this guy to double as a water bottle. This easy to clean up lightweight container is great all around from morning backpack excursions or a quick trip to the beach.

Trash Bags:

Although it can be uncomfortable to carry around trash on your back, it is a necessity for more secluded campsites and trails. Sea to Summit actually makes reusable garbage dry bags that are easy to strap inside or outside your pack, or put on your tailgate while camping with the family. By reusing trash bags, it reduces the amount of plastic you are throwing out and prevents smells from lingering near your campsite for local critters to enjoy.

Meal Kits:

You’ll never have to use paper plates and cups again. GSI Outdoor is really stepping up the meal kit game with their Bugaboo series. Both the Bugaboo Backpacker and the Bugaboo Camper use a nesting system that includes plates, mugs, and bowls for any outdoor meal. The camper is amazing for a family of four with minimal cleanup efforts due to the non-stick coated aluminum. Not only does it include the cups, bowls, and plates but the camper also includes a 3L Pot, a 2L Pot, 2 strainer lids, a frying pan, and a welded sink. This system can be much more eco-friendly when you carry this easy to clean system on family cookouts rather than disposable aluminum foil and tins.

Enjoying nature with food can be fun. Start using products that allow you time to enjoy nature with easy clean up and sustainable use!

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