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Tentree Products are Changing the World

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With the holiday season in full force, many of us are busy buying gifts for the loved ones in our lives. Our lists include friends, children, siblings, parents, grandparents, and maybe even coworkers and neighbors. But have you thought about how you can give to people around the world? 

We encourage you to consider buying Tentree this holiday season. Tentree creates quality clothing and accessories for the outdoors, and for each item purchased, the company plants 10 trees in different countries around the world. Each of these countries are in serious need of forest rehabilitation because of natural disasters or deforestation. We’re proud to now sell Tentree products at Appalachian Outfitters!

Cabin Socks
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The Projects

Haiti’s internal conflict and deforestation hurts people who need wood to cook meals and heat homes. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, and earthquakes are even more devastating when deforestation makes the land easily break apart. Cambodia’s government corruption results in internal conflict and even illegal logging. Senegal relies heavily on peanut farming for its economy, so many farmers have cleared away forests for larger fields, and, unfortunately, this is rapidly stripping nutrients from the land. Due to fires and the logging industry, even Canada and the U.S. are subject to the harmful effects of deforestation.

For these reasons and many more, Tentree donates 10 trees per purchase to Madagascar, Haiti, Nepal, Cambodia, Senegal, Canada, and the US. They want to create products that are good for the planet while also working to restore our natural resources. The company’s goal is to plant 1 billion trees by the year 2030—and they’re well on their way to reaching that goal!

Cable Beanie
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The Products

Boardwalk Hoodie
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Tentree’s products are made of environmentally progressive, sustainable fabrics. Each material is good for the environment.

  • Coconut shells are used to create buttons that are both fashionable and durable. This sustainable material removes the need for plastic buttons made with petroleum.
  • Hemp is among the most sustainable natural fibers in the world, free of pesticides and herbicides—plus it feels incredibly soft. The strong fibers are naturally anti-microbial and UV resistance, protecting you from germs and strong sun rays.
  • Cork can be stripped from its original tree to lengthen its lifespan and encourage growth. Tentree makes cork trim as an environmentally progressive alternative for zipper pulls, patches, drawcord tabs, and more.
  • Cotton (Tentree only uses certifiably organic cotton) eliminates chemicals and pesticides found in conventional cotton, which uses the most insecticides or any major crop. Using organic cotton reduces the use of chemicals that harm our water, soil, air, wildlife, and natural resources.
  • Recycled Polyester, rather than virgin polyester, is made of recycled bottles or PET manufacturing waste. Using recycled polyester reduces CO2 emissions by 75% and decreases the need for petroleum-based products.
  • Modal is made of reconstituted cellulose, taken from beechwood trees. These trees self-rejuvenate, making modal a completely natural, sustainable material. This material breathes, releasing body heat or perspiration through soft fabrics.
  • Linen is created from the whole flax plant. Tentree blends linen with organic cotton for biodegradable fabric that is lightweight and breathable, ideal for summer heat. This effectively decreases pesticides and water and dye use.
  • TENCEL™ Lyocell is Tentree’s most progressive fiber. Made of fast-growing eucalyptus trees, no pesticides or insecticides are used in lyocell’s agriculture, and yarn production uses 80% less water than traditional fibers.

Tulita Bomber
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Find Tentree at Appalachian Outfitters

Holiday shopping is much more rewarding when you know your purchase will do good around the world! Visit Appalachian Outfitters to check out some awesome Tentree product today!

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