Tom Laskowski Presents Wilderness and Urban Survival at Appalachian Outfitters-Appalachian Outfitters

Tom Laskowski Presents Wilderness and Urban Survival at Appalachian Outfitters

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“Survive. Thrive. Stay alive.” This isn’t the tagline for the latest Hollywood blockbuster—this is the mantra of Midwest Native Skills Institute, Inc., and you can put it into practice when you attend our wilderness and urban survival skills presentation at Appalachian Outfitters!

We’re pleased to announce that Tom Laskowski, the founder and director of the Midwest Native Skills Institute, will give an abridged presentation on wilderness and urban survival at our local store. He will cover important topics like what you should do during an extended power outage.

Learn from the Expert

Tom Laskowski, the founder and director of the Midwest Native Skills Institute

Laskowski is one of the leading outdoor and wilderness skills experts in the US—he even received recognition from American Survival Guide. He graduated from Case Western Reserve University in 1978 with an electrical engineering degree. Tom’s love of the outdoors began at an early age, and in college he established the CWRU Outdoors Club, serving as its president and growing the club to over 120 members. He continued his wilderness explorations while working in the engineering field and earning his MBA.

Laskowski changed paths in 1990, when he started training under Tom Brown Jr., who is a tracker, wilderness survival instructor, and internationally known author. In the following years, Laskowski continued training with additional experts in primitive skills, like Daniel Firehaw, Errette Callahan, Robert Berg, Del Hall, and Ray Reitze. Through his extensive training, Laskowski learned, tested, and applied both Apache and Mic-Mac survival skills in field experience. After seven years of training, he left corporate America in 1997 to establish his own wilderness survival skills, eventually growing his idea into the Midwest Native Skills Institute.

In all seasons throughout the year, Laskowski used his wilderness skills to perfect techniques and test his abilities. He believes that extensive knowledge and theory are foundational, but it is only through field experience that people can truly learn and appreciate survival approaches.

Laskowski has appeared on several Cleveland radio stations, including WRUW and WGAR. He has been a regular guest on FOX 8; the “That’s Life” program has featured him as a survival expert several times. “The Big Wild,” a syndicate radio show, has also hosted Laskowski as a guest. In each appearance, he has discussed wilderness and outdoor survival skills with his audience.

Additionally, CBS’ “Survivor” consulted with Laskowski in the show’s third season. Field and Stream included him as a contributing source in their popular issue, Survival Guide. Laskowski has also taught specialty classes at the local World Survival Institute and its Wintercount Primitive Skills gather, Falling Leaves Rendezvous. Tom Brown has included Laskowski as an invited guest assist in Brown’s “Shadow Scout” and “Full Survival Wilderness Experience” courses.

If those experiences aren’t enough to show that Laskowski is a qualified expert in his field, he also created an innovative design for survival tools and knife sharpeners. Drawing on inspiration from his time in the wilds, his techniques are more efficient and practical than the current products that are popular on the market. His two fire-making videos are some of the most comprehensive films available; he shows how to make fire from soda cans, ice—and even Jello dessert!

Explore the Variety of Classes

Laskowski established the institute to offer affordable, small classes based on individual instruction about self-reliance, wilderness survival, and outdoor skills. Most classes are limited to 15 people to keep the hands-on learning experience educational and worthwhile.

There are no physical fitness requirements, and there won’t be any deer-in-the-headlights moments to embarrass students. Attendees are free to learn at their own pace, as the teaching is more in the style of mentorship than lectures. The classes at the institute range from soap making to medicinal plant uses to Shamanic journeys. There are even courses for urban beekeeping, as well as escape and evade!

Learn Wilderness and Urban Survival at Appalachian Outfitters

Attend our event at Appalachian Outfitters to learn skills for wilderness and urban survival from Laskowski. You won’t be disappointed!


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