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How United By Blue is Turning “Black Friday” into “Blue Friday”

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Did you know that over 70% of our Earth’s surface is water? It is one of our greatest resources and yet it is slowly diminishing in quality due to pollution from humans. There are over 8 million tons of plastic waste in our oceans alone! And this number is rising every year with 1.5 million tons of waste coming from just our plastic bottles. Our oceans are critical to keeping the health of the Earth alive, not just because of the sea life, incredible beaches, or amazing sunsets that it provides us, but the oceans actually absorb a huge amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gases are one of the leading causes of global warming, but our oceans are trapping a large percentage of them trying to keep us all safe. United by Blue has recognized this dire need for humans to help the bodies of water that surround us in our local areas. Here in Ohio, we have so many to be thankful for such as the Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie! So what are they doing to help?

United by Blue has created a day known as Blue Friday, which this year is November 23rd, 2018. Notice the date? It is the day after Thanksgiving. So after we all take our extra long recovery naps from the turkey and mashed potatoes, and before we go out to score some deals, let’s first help United by Blue by picking up some trash. So far United by Blue has collected over a 1.4 million pounds of trash. That is huge! How can we help to continue growing this number? We can raise awareness, get involved, and spread the word. To help volunteers get ready for helping out United by Blue will even send you a Blue Kit, a kit full of everything you will need to help pick up trash, and all you have to do is pay shipping - or you can pick one up at Appalachian Outfitters!

A woman holding a trash bag and cleaning litter from the shore line.

United by Blue is a B-Corp company which basically means that they do their fair share with helping preserve and clean up our environment. For every article of clothing sold they have vowed to pick up one pound of trash. They also set environmental protection standards for not only their stores but for their manufacturing plants too. Beyond this they also pay their employees for the time-off that they take to give back to the community in service. United by Blue is a great company using recycled and organic materials to help protect our world, the ocean, and the playgrounds that we all call the outdoors. So as you wear your new recycled clothes outside remember the United by Blue mission and pick up some trash!

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