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We Rent Snowshoes!

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Crescent Moon Snowshoes in the Snow

Did you know that we at Appalachian Outfitters rent snowshoes? Well, if you did not know, we carry Crescent Moon Snowshoes both for sale and to rent. Made in Colorado, Crescent Moon Snowshoes are built to be easy to use, top performing, and incredibly durable. They use a very easy to use mount that fits boots and shoes of all shapes and sizes. That means you don’t necessarily have to wear those heavy insulated snow boots just to enjoy all that snowshoeing has to offer. Thanks to their flexible binding, the snowshoe stays fairly flat and low to the ground while still giving your foot free range of motion! That equates to less weight on your legs and overall body than most other brands of snowshoes. In order to cut down on weight without sacrificing durability, the Crescent Moon snowshoes we offer have an anodized aluminum frame with a flexible deck to give you a wide platform keeping you on top of the snow again without weighing you down. Crescent Moon snowshoes are all sized based on weight with some gender specific models so make sure you know these details about the user . Stop on in to Appalachian Outfitters to pick up a pair of Crescent Moon snowshoes to rent today and go hit the trail! Below are our rental guidelines for those snowshoes:


Crescent Moon Snowshoe Rental Program:

Snowshoes rentals are first come first serve and can be rented for both day use or weekend use either including or not including trekking poles. Rates are:

1 – Day Rental: $15 per pair

(picked up at any time during the day and returned to the store before 8pm the same day)


1 – Day Rental w/ Trekking Poles: $20 per pair

(same time frame applies from above)


Weekend Rental: $30 per pair

(picked up any time on Friday and returned before 5pm on Monday)


Weekend Rental w/ Trekking Poles: $40 per pair

(same time frame applies from above)

When renting a pair of snowshoes, you must sign our waiver and have a valid credit card for the rental. Each person renting the snowshoes must fill out a waiver. Only one credit card is needed on file even if renting multiple pairs. Please be aware that the snowshoe sizing correlates to weight and that it is needed to properly select the correct snowshoe.


If you want to learn more about Crescent Moon Snowshoes and how to use them, head over to our blog article on them!


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