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Who Makes The Best Snowshoes?

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Local Northeastern Ohioans know that Ohio isn’t the first place you first think of for snowshoeing, but our little corner of the state has a phenomenon known as lake effect snow. This happens when the wind from Canada crosses over Lake Erie, which then generates excessive snowfall when it reaches our area.

While Columbus and Cincinnati may have sunny winter days, those of us nearby the foothills of the Appalachian range can have between one and three feet of snow during the winter. This is perfect for snowshoeing, but who makes the best snowshoes?


Before The Best

Previously, Appalachian Outfitters carried snowshoes from most of the major brands, but none of them were the best. All of them were good, but none of them were great, and none of them were made inside the US. We first discovered the best snowshoes when our founder, Mike Leffler, attended an Outdoor Retailer event in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Finding The Best

Twice each year, companies in the outdoor industry gather to exchange ideas and find new products. On mountain demo day, retailers gather outside to try new brands of all things slippery – including snowshoes. One of the pop-up displays housed Crescent Moon Snowshoes, where Jake Thamm, the founder of the company, smiled at the passersby.

Mike and his wife, Karen, tested snowshoes throughout mountain demo day. They tried all of the major brands, but Karen tried Crescent Moon’s snowshoes specifically made for women and made a decision: “These are the ones we’re bringing in.”

This is where Appalachian Outfitters discovered the truth: the best snowshoes aren’t from a huge corporation but from a small, family owned company located in Boulder, CO., in quite possibly the world’s best area for researching and developing snowshoes.

Only The Best

Since that day, Appalachian Outfitters has chosen to phase out the big name snowshoe brands, which are easy to sell, in favor of Crescent Moon, a relatively unknown brand.

Crescent Moon Snowshoes have a unique shape that stands out in a world of ovoid shaped snowshoes. Most snowshoes are different brands that are owned and/or manufactured by the same corporate entities; because we’re a “specialty” retailer, unique is what draws us, and that’s exactly what Crescent Moon is.

crescent snow shoes

The company is American made and family owned, has a plant that uses wind energy for power, and does not use PVC’s. Plus, they use recycled materials in the snowshoes and also recycle the scraps generated in the production process. All of these elements should be found in any outdoor company.

Ultimately, Crescent Moon’s focus on detail and the specific designs for women’s snowshoes is what catapulted their shoes above all the major brands.

When selecting the best snowshoes in the world, it’s about more than the snowshoes – it’s about the passion of the owners and their employees and the values of the company. Experiencing the best snowshoes is about how a company based in Colorado’s mountains can bring the passion of snowshoeing to the average person in an average American town that is not normally famous for its winter sports.

The Best Snowshoes: Crescent Moon Snowshoes At Appalachian Outfitters

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