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Why You Should Consider Upgrading Your Socks and Insoles

After a long day on the trail, it’s natural for your feet to get tired and even a little sore.

Foot pain and fatigue can sometimes be intense, but there is a way to reduce it to a minimum and enjoy your hikes to the fullest - high-quality insoles!

Choosing a good set of insoles will reduce fatigue.
Insoles can give you the heel support, arch support, as well as fatigue and stress reduction that you otherwise wouldn’t get as much from just your hiking shoes.

What's more, insoles help reduce the wear of your shoes.
Interestingly, good insoles will increase the lifespan of your shoes by reducing wear on the soles!

Don't hesitate to check out and get yourself some of our recommended insoles, which provide good stability and even distribution of pressure throughout a full range of motion.

Insoles for Women


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Of course, insoles are not the only thing that matters when it comes to your shoes. Another important component is your socks. It might seem simple enough, but your hiking experience can be dramatically different depending on which socks you choose. Good socks will increase comfort, your shoe's waterproofing capabilities, and warmth.

women's foot with sock on it

There are a couple of main things to pay attention to when considering what socks to wear.

Sock height: The right height sock protects against abrasion with your footwear

Cushioning: The amount of cushioning in the sock affects comfort and moisture management. With more material available, a thicker sock can wick more moisture away from your foot.

Fabric: Most hiking socks feature merino wool as the primary ingredient, but some are made mostly from polyester or nylon

Fit: Your socks should have a snug fit too them. Extra fabric can bunch up in the shoe affecting the fit, or slide around inside the shoe causing friction against your skin leading to blisters.

Now that you have an idea of what to look for, check out some of our bestselling socks below!


We hope this guide helped you out and if you didn't find anything you were looking for, check out our website. We have many more options for you to choose from.