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Winter Ice Skating in the Metroparks

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The Cleveland Metroparks are home to some of the best outdoor skating in the area. What better way is there to enjoy the beautiful winter scenery of the great outdoors while enjoying time with family and friends?

We have a few favorite places when we choose to go outdoor ice skating:

  • Hinckley Lake near the boathouse at the Mill Stream Run Reservation.
  • Wallace Lake close to the Berea swimming area.
  • Brookside Reservation located on Ridge Road near the Brookside Valley Area.
  • Rocky River Reservation near Olmsted Falls and Rocky River Lagoon.
  • Shadow Lake at South Chagrin Reservation, along the border between Solon and Bedford Heights.
  • Willoughby Hills near South Chagrin Reservation.

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Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy skating in these areas (only when the ice is thick enough!) during the cold winter months. Even the frigid temperatures don’t dampen true enthusiasm, but it is wise to dress appropriately for cold weather when ice skating outdoors.

With winter outdoor gear, staying warm is synonymous with staying dry. Sweat comes with activity, but sweat will also bring chills. Outdoor experts agree that layers are key to winter outdoor activities.

Each layer has a purpose.

  • Begin with a light, long-sleeved baselayer. This layer should be directly in contact with your skin, as it wicks your sweat away, leaving you dry and warm. Baselayer shirts with thumbholes are an extra bonus: wearing the thumbholes under the gloves stops the wind from sneaking up your sleeves.
  • The next step is the midlayer, which should be made of wool, polyester, or a polyester-wool blend fabric. This layer should keep your body heat close to your body, helping you stay warm the entire time you are outdoors.
  • The fourth layer should be a puffy jacket and hood. While it may not enhance your figure, this layer further insulates you from the cold, collecting even more heat than the midlayer to keep you warm.
  • The last shell layer should be made of breathable, waterproof material, like a windbreaker. When choosing a shell, make sure it is a large enough size to account for your other layers.
  • For the final touches, add your accessories, like warm hats, furry earmuffs, insulated gloves and mittens, thermal neck gaiters, knit scarves, and thick socks.

Appalachian Outfitters Can Help!

Don’t spoil your ice skating fun by feeling too cold to enjoy yourself. Find the winter outdoor gear that you need for staying warm on the cold ice while you make lasting memories with your friends and family this winter. Quality time is always better with warm winter gear!

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