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YETI Coolers: Choose Yours Before Father’s Day

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Fathers get just one day that is dedicated to them each year, and at Appalachian Outfitters, we want to make sure your dad feels special. This Father’s Day, surprise him with a YETI gift from Appalachian Outfitters!

YETI was first established in 2006 with a goal to create the cooler that people could use every day, whether it was for an hour-long grocery trip, an evening of backyard barbecuing or a multiple-day outdoor excursion. The founders succeeded, developing the first YETI Cooler, with strong handles, durable latches, and sturdy lids. When they knew they wouldn’t need to replace their cooler after a summer of hard use, they began providing their solution to other outdoor enthusiasts.

For 2018, to honor dads around the world, YETI made special, limited edition coolers, bottles, and tumblers. All of the designs are charcoal gray, a trending color for the upcoming year. Visit Appalachian Outfitters to choose the cooler, bottle, or tumbler that your dad will love and use for years to come!


Yeti Roadie

Charcoal YETI Cooler

This cooler is for the outdoorsman who plans ahead for everything, from raw burger meat for the grill, to fish caught in icy freshwater. The cooler features a ColdLock™ Gasket that insulates against heat, keeping the cooler items cold for longer periods of time. The patented No Sweat™ Design stops condensation from making a mess, saving your dad time on cleanup duty. Whether he’s the family grill master or nature’s fishing master, this cooler has the durability to keep up.


Yeti Rambler Bottle

Charcoal YETI Bottle

We all know the all-around adventurer dad, from his office space, to the soccer stadium where he has cheered you on for years, to the isolated wilderness on holiday weekends. For the dad who has done it all, and been there for you through it all, the reliable YETI bottle is the perfect choice. Whether he faces blistering summer days or snowy winter nights, the bottle will keep his drink either or cold or hot. This limited edition Father’s Day item is available in solid charcoal gray DuraCoat™ for long-lasting color.


Yeti Rambler Tumbler

Charcoal YETI Tumbler

For the dad who loves to remember his outdoor adventures even when he’s making his daily commute or spending the weekday at his desk, the YETI tumbler does it all. His morning coffee will stay hot, and his afternoon iced water will stay cold, no matter what. The stainless steel is kitchen grade, and its double-wall vacuum insulation guarantees that his beverage stays at his ideal temperature. For Father’s Day, this tumbler is available in charcoal gray, which is one of the featured DuraCoat™ Colors that ensures long-lasting color that won’t fade, peel, or crack.


Stop At Appalachian Outfitters to Find the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Before Father’s Day sneaks up on you, be sure to visit Appalachian Outfitters to choose your dad’s special gift. He won’t be disappointed with a cooler, bottle, or tumbler from YETI in solid charcoal gray colors. We look forward to surprising your dad with you!

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