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YETI® Coolers: Durability For The Outdoors

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Join us on June 30 for our YETI® Coolers Open House event! We are thrilled to show you the traditional YETI® product line as well as the latest innovations from this famous company.

YETI Coolers Tank 45
YETI Coolers Tank 45 holds 56 cans or a slim quarter keg for your outdoor event.
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YETI® Coolers was founded when two brothers, Roy and Ryan Seiders, became frustrated with the quality of the coolers they carried into the outdoors. The coolers couldn’t withstand the demands of a rigorous life in the wild. To solve their problem, Roy and Ryan developed coolers that could handle any season or experience.

YETI Coolers Tundra 45
On the more conservative side, the YETI Tundra 45 Cooler is portable while carrying 26 cans of your favorite beverage
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Pleased with their invention, in 2006 they created YETI® Coolers as a company. These coolers are designed for outdoorspeople who value a cooler that can handle the natural world. Through their own experiences, Ryan and Roy developed coolers that are durable and well insulated.

YETI Coolers Tank 85
The YETI Tank Cooler is built to carry an entire party: 96 cans, 1 keg, 60 longnecks, 98 cuts of watermelon, 51 blue crabs, and more.
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Today, YETI® Coolers are the favorite for outdoorspeople, tailgaters, professionals, and barbecue aficionados. Whatever activity you have planned for food in the outdoors, YETI® Coolers are up to the challenge.

YETI Coolers Tie-Down Kit
Never fear losing your YETI Cooler with this tie-down kit.
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YETI Coolers At Appalachian Outfitters

Visit us on June 30 for our open house event dedicated specifically to YETI Coolers. We’re excited to share YETI’s old faithful models as well as the newest creations the company is offering. See you there!

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