YETI Coolers: Insulated and Indestructible

YETI Coolers: Insulated and Indestructible

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We are pleased to announce that we now have a new product line of YETI coolers! Because of their ice retention (lasting several days at a time!) and durability, YETI coolers are in high demand across the US.

Innovation: Two Brothers Design YETI

Limit how many times you open your YETI cooler to keep it cold for longer periods of time.
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The founders of YETI grew up spending time in the outdoors, exploring the wild, and using high-quality gear. The brothers soon learned that mass-market insulated coolers couldn’t handle their adventures – the equipment always failed. They tossed aside data analysis and market research to design the indestructible cooler that they would want to buy themselves. With necessity as their inspiration, they designed a solution: YETI.

YETI Offers Maximum Ice Retention

As of today, YETI coolers are one of the best insulated coolers available. For most YETI sizes, the walls and lids are covered in 2 or more inches of polyurethane insulation. YETI offers a variety of different cooling products to make your adventures more comfortable:

  • Personal, portable coolers
  • Ice buckets
  • Ice chests
  • Large coolers
  • Stainless steel drinkware
  • Freezer packs

Keep Your Ice Cold Even Longer

Drinks in a cooler of ice
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The insulation, freezer-quality sealing gasket, and one-piece design maximizes the cooler’s ice retention – but there is even more that you can do to keep your foods and beverages cold...

  • Plan Ahead: Keep Your YETI Cold - Before adding your foods and beverages to your cooler, preload with a bag of ice. Pre-cooling your YETI will keep your items colder for longer, without wasting ice.
  • What To Look For: Monitoring and Choosing Your Ice - When ice is dripping and wet, you know it is around 32°F and won’t last. Look for ice that feels dry to guarantee that it is at freezing temperatures. In addition, cubed ice is faster for cooling your foods and beverages, but block ice will take longer to melt. For the ideal YETI, combine cubed ice and block ice.
  • Fill It Up: Avoid Empty Air Space - When air is in your cooler, ice will melt faster while it tries to cool the air. Instead, fill your YETI’s empty space with towels, more ice, or newspaper.
  • Cool With H2O: Keep Your Water - While you use your YETI, keep the cold water instead of dumping it. The water will be cold and help to keep the rest of your ice cold.
  • Think Fast: Look For Shade - When you keep your YETI in shade instead of in the sun, your ice will last twice as long. Use towels or tarps if you don’t have any shade nearby.
  • Set Your Timer: Limit Availability - When you open your YETI, cold air is released and warm air is taken in. This makes your ice melt faster; try to limit your cooler access to retain your cold air.
  • Step It Up: Try Dry Ice - When all else fails, use dry ice. These outdoor coolers are designed to work with dry ice. This will keep your foods and beverages cold for even longer periods of time than regular ice. (Please note that you must handle dry ice with gloves or other protection).

YETI Coolers at Appalachian Outfitters

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Visit an Appalachian Outfitters location today and talk to a knowledgeable team member to help find the best YETI cooler for you. Know that your next adventure will be a success with YETI at your side!

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