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Great pants, a little sheer in platinum color

Love these pants and have in the green color, so wanted another pair! These are great with one exception- the platinum color is a little sheer, so wear neutral underwear!


nice knife ad good workmanship

Taj Hemp Pant
Tonya S
Comfortable and Chic

I looked for over a year for a pair of linen pants I could call my own. As my first ever purchase from Appalachian Outfitters, these feel every bit like linen, even though they're actually made of hemp. Linen pants and thus these are lightweight and intended for hot days. I use them as lounge pants inside. I own the Salt Stripe and the colors are muted, not garish. They are so comfortable with a wide, straight leg. The elastic waist was slightly larger than true to size for me. These might be a bit long for more petite sizes, but they work well for me at 5'8" to hit just past my ankles. These are my go-to pants now for comfort and still stylish.

Adventure Cooler - 7qt
Sarah Hostetler
Solid clean

Solid and easy to clean, great in Construction field

bug jacket

These jackets run small. I normally wear a large. I ordered an extra large to fit over a coat and that won't work. The gloves that came with it were kid size mittens. I threw them away.

Good supplier

Came very quickly and in perfect condition, priced accurately. In our new world of cheap junk, this is a quality supplier

Mountain Backpacker Medical Kit
David Hutchins (hutch)

We very much like the medical kit and it will be with us on our May road trip. Thanks again.


Great company!! Couldn’t say enough good things very prompt and just want I wanted. I will recommend to everyone l know!!

Zephyr GTX Mid TF
James Crandall
Comfortable and tough

My 2nd pair of these. First pair lasted 3 years of continual daily use - gardening to backpacking. Wore out from the inside.

Superb - Gransfors Bruk and Appalachian Outfitters!

Appalachian Outfitters possessed one of the few remaining replacement axe handles in a worldwide shortage. They did not inflate their prices and shipped it swiftly. UPS slipped it over my patio wall and I installed it yesterday with the wedge and pin supplied as well as a rubber mallet, linseed oil, melted beeswax, a Dremel cutting blade, and the wisdom of YouTube expertise of "JW9422."
Hickory wooden handles are preferred for such hard-hitting tools as axes and splitting mauls. Appalachian Outfitters sent me their best.
A family-member or dear friend will inherit this fine axe with its new handle and warm their hearth and home for generations to come.

Gomboy mid length folding saw

Super nice tool. Sharp, efficient and the lock is nice. We’ll see how long she lasts with field use. Would buy again -after just one day of heavy use. I got the nicer handle.

Love the product! Outstanding service!

Fantastic saw

I have a Silky Pocket Boy already, but I wanted a larger Silky. I fell in love with the look of the Outback Edition Silky and had to purchase it. I will feature it in an upcoming YouTube video from my channel Bushcraft Evolution.

Seems to be a good tent

I haven't actually used this tent yet, but it does set up easily, weighs just over 2lbs with my homemade footprint, has plenty of room inside and I have high expectations that it will be perfect.

Small Hatchet
Matthew McHugh

Great quality

Outdoor Axe
Jeffrey Hunter
The Axe for Your Firepit

Bought this axe for the purpose of making kindling to go in a backyard firepit. If you buy wood that is already split, this axe is useful to process that wood in to smaller pieces.

Original Candle Lantern
Madeleine Meyer

We really like this thing. It puts out a lot more light than you would expect for a single candle. We can play cards in the dark by it's light alone (at a table outside). It stays lit in the wind too. it is a great addition to our camping gear.

Hot knife…

Cuts nearly everything it touches like butter. I will be purchasing more.

I have been looking for these

I have been trying and returning a lot of shoes and boots and these has been the most comfortable, pain free, and well fitting pair out of all of them. At first they may feel a little tight but the C.A.S feature will eventually make it feel like your putting on a pair of slippers.

Fast shipping to n.h. but defective axe

Axe edge chipped chopping 1" branch might of hit one of those glass knots i.d.k. was i do know all i hit was wood. also was a little Unsemetrical where the handle meets the axe head.
Contacted the rep. After many e.mails they will take back the axe back with me paying the shipping.
Iwill test it a few more times before i send it back.
Sharpened the edge and it cuts like a lazer.
My opinion is they bang these things out to quik.

Small Forest Axe
Cole Deubell
Gransfors Bruk Small Forest Axe

This axe is exactly what I needed for my bushcraft adventures. Appalachian Outfitters shipped it out the day I purchased it, and unbelievably it landed the next day. Amazing service. Will be buying more from this website:)

Axe as sharp as it looks!

Love this thing. The handle and the blade are finely crafted. The blade was ready to go out of the box. Currently using it for my axe throwing league. Matches my 28-inch Agdor perfectly!

The price tag was a little on the steep side...but to have the matching set was well worth it.

Small Forest Axe
Lara Stellwag
Best gift ever

I got this as a gift for a very fine fella and he stared at the axe more than he stared at me. So needless to say, he loved it! This made me very happy, because I’m fond of him!

Small Forest Axe - A step above

In this case you get what you pay for. This axe isn't cheap, but this axe isn't cheap. I'm not sure for the money you can find a better all-around axe. Buy once, cry once. I'm very confident this axe will last my lifetime and will be past down to a surviving family member. And, getting it from Appalachian Outfitters makes it even better. I'm so glad I found this company during my search. I'll keep coming back for more. They have competitive pricing and ship very quickly. For all who are reading this - please support the 'small' guy and stay away from the big box and big online stores whenever possible. If you receive your product in 4 days instead of 2 does it really matter? If you pay a few dollars more to ship it does it really matter? You will do this country a world of good.


Thanks for a great product.

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