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Impressive Company

Ordered a couple hatchets for my boys for Christmas. I am sure they will love the hatchets but i am more impressed with Appalachian Outfitters. Very easy to work with. Products shipped same day and were delivered without a hitch. They kept me in the loop and even verified when the product arrived. Everything was so easy. i will definitely shop with them again.

Big, Bold, and you can feel the Value

Delivery was quick and hassle free. Would do business again. The axe is commanding and cuts well. It comes sharp, but I’m sure can be made sharper for some. The sheath is nice too. The handle has perfect grain alignment, but it’s beefy, so I’m sure some will want to thin it out. I feel like this axe will be handed down to my kids’ kids. It’s well made.

Easily attaches to and removed from lantern and is secure while installed. One candle powe is not a lot of light but in a localized area the focused light is excellent. This is an excellent addition to the candle lantern.

Added this third Gransfors axe

First of all I’m very glad to support a small business like Appalachian outfitters. And I will definitely shop their website in the future. However only using the axe to cut a 2” or less branch I noticed “what appears to be” a small hairline crack in the handle. Wonder if you can see it in the pictures below. I sent a note to Appalachian to ask if they thought it was a defect - or just a natural feature of the wood. I don’t know and was just asking in case it is something that people more knowledgeable than me would be concerned about. Oddly I didn’t get a response to my email.

I’m not rushing to judgment - and perhaps they will respond. I’m not asking for anything except their good faith assessment.

Anyway - this is my third GB axe and probably not my last.

Best service!!

Great product and even greater service when calling the Outfitters who were friendly and effectively.
This was my first shopping experience here, but definitely not my last.


Perfect for camp. Small enough for your pack. Highly recommend this axe. Old school craftsmanship. Incredible tool.

UCO lantern

Great little lantern!
Adequate light for tent, camping, patio, and emergency purposes.
It was so good that ordered additional lanterns for emergence use.
Long burning candles and suitable for almost any recreational or emergency applications.
And the store ships so fast it was surprise! Good people and even better customer service.

Juniper Knife

Excellent price. Excellent quality. Extremely well made.
Very good service. Good shopping experience.

Star Wraith
Donald B.I.
Great service and disc!

Everything was perfect. Fast shipping and I love the disc I ordered! Thank you!

the best

versatile and can be thrown in a sack when you hit the trail or need to take care of something on your property. I will keep buying these as gifts for as long as I'm alive because the quality is absolutely unmatched.

Lovely little piece of kit

Super useful as a sling, makes a great rap extension, nice and stiff for overhead threads. Using it even more than I thought I would

Nice Knife.

Did some shopping and came across the Castillo knives. I am a knife guy and I really think this is a keeper. Nice workmanship. I really like it.

Gomboy 240, I love it.

While working with a friend, there were some branches I wanted to cut that the roll bar on our mower would catch on. He let me use his Silkey Gomboy 240 and I had to have one. I like that it cuts on the pull stroke and it makes a clean cut. I have used it for pruning and to cut branches to make them more compact in the truck bed. While working it stays in my back pocket for quick access. The handle doesn’t slip in your hand, it’s easy and comfortable to hang on to it.I also got a Gomboy 300 to replace a 30 inch bow saw but haven’t used it yet. If you want a tool that does what it’s designed to do, this does it.
If you hike the A.T. there are shorter
, lighter Gomboys.

Gransfors Bruk

The handle was fairly priced and shipped fast. The quality was as expected from g b.

Nice small axe

Very well made, great quality, small axe. I prefer this “camp axe” size over a hatchet for limbing medium / smaller trees. This is definitely not a splitting axe, and only just big enough for two-handed overhead swings. A perfect supplement for my arsenal!

3 Utensils in One

Great Sporks. I have used them camping for quite awhile. Clean up well at the camp site too.

Zippy Wallet
Patricia P.
Great 2 Piece Wallet

The material is sturdy and the colors are nice. I really like the pouch which is detachable by zipper. It is easy to keep with my keys.

Renegade™ Hat
Sandra l.

Bought this hat for my spouse. He likes it.

It's a monster!

I purchased this little beastly thing after watching it on several shorts and YouTube wilderness builds I.E making a makeshift camping cabin. So, I took a chance, and I couldn't be happier with the amount of work this thing gets done! I when through a 14-inch cedar branch in 30 to 40 seconds! I felt like Doomslayer! It rips and tears till it is done!

Beautiful Quality

It's a beautiful axe with all the quality you would expect from Gransfor Bruk. I bought it for use in my Land Rover Series and hope to use it in the Autumn when I head out camping and fishing. Pleased this store stocks them over here in the USA.

LOWA Care Set
David H.
Quality Product and Quality Service

Product was exactly as described. Used on my Lowa hiking boots, and it worked wonders. Waterproofing appears to be holding up and the leather does not show to be creasing or cracking anywhere. Shipping was a quick turnaround once I placed the order, which I always appreciate. Would definitely recommend the use of this product on Lowa boots. Specifically formulated for boots that are Goretex lines to maintain the breathability.

Good classic Asolo feel and performance.

Love these boots. They feel great and are sturdy enough to go off trail with a heavy load. Good ankle support. Waterproof, stylish. Note they do require a lot of walking to break in and many reviews on other sites talk of soles separating after 300 hard hiking miles. My previous pair lasted about 10 years but I’m not a through hiker. I took these boots up Popo and Ixta (volcanos) in Mexico! The rock plate was essential. Remember to acclimatize…

Works like a dream!

Saw is great! Super efficient. The case kinda sucks though, crappy design, you kind of have to cram it in there. But the actual saw is awesome!

Good buckle

Great replacement buckle. Hardest part was removing my old broken buckle before I could install this one


Sorta hard to find, check small print, with good service, thanks

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