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Great Knife!

Love everything about this knife! Supremely sharp, full tang, carbon steel, comes with everything I need to start a fire and keep it sharp. Love the color and everyone that holds it comments on the weight!

Well Built, Simple Belt

This belt is just what I was looking for. It is low profile, well-built, and easy to use. Perfect for camping, hiking, and hunting.

Renegade GTX Mid
Edwin Cabrera

I like it and would like to have

Great boots

I bought these boots earlier in 2021 and have now come back for a second pair. They are used daily (well, almost) for 10k steps on paths, trails, sidewalks and rustic forest paths. They fit comfortably from the first day I took them out. They are lightweight and provide great ankle support. I have a high arch and hallux limitus and these boots fit me perfectly.
I am very happy with these boots. Which explains the second pair...

BIGBOY Professional 2000, 360mm Outback Edition

Took down a tree 10 inches around and cut it up today. It was quick and unbelievably fast. It comes with it's own pouch that fits into your back pack. It's meant to do some real work when needed. Silky is the best saw money can buy.

Live the boots quick shipping too!

Hike XP
Annie Mullen
they look great!

haven't had a chance to use them, no snow or ice yet! I'm looking forward to putting them to the test this winter.

Frank S
Great cup!

This little, collapsible cup is great. My wife and I used it to enjoy some “Bailey’s” on our last backpacking trip. Nice item!

No.8 Mushroom Knife
Courtney Costantino
Great knife

Great knife for cleaning finds in the field.

Strength in simplicity

You don’t need to spend a fortune for a good knife this is my 2nd Opinel knife the #8 has just the right size for every day cutting task that handles perfect every time.

Walking sneakers

These sneakers appear to be well made and I liked the color and style. I ordered a size in wide width and they were still too narrow.

Great knife

Carried one for 20 years. Excellent blade, great lock, super light. This is one for the ages. Going to give this one to my grandson.

Nubuck & Suede Proof
Antoinette Grewal

Thank you

Wipes - 10 pack
Walter Koehler
splendid old time product

Practical, all purpose product you cannot find just anywhere. All purpose and versatile environment friendly. Does everything it claims.

Best shorts ever

I love these shorts so much that I had to find a second pair so that I could wash them. They’re comfortable. They look good, even after multiple wearings, and the have many zippered pockets so that I can keep track of my keys and my wallet when I’m out and about,

Mini Lantern
Theodore Mathues
UCO is good quality

I like UCO candle lanterns for their quality and ability to stay lit on days where normal candles would blow out. Where portability is needed. I can take on planes to places I travel with unreliable power grids. Camping or hiking. The tealight style lanterns are best if set on or hung from an item that isn't moving (windy tree branch or tent ceiling) or to be moved once lit as the wax will spill out. But these are good for sitting on a table, hanging off anything sturdy or where you won't bump into it. I recommend these.

Hunter's Axe
Barry Patterson
Hunters axe

I haven’t had the opportunity to use the axe yet. It is definitely quality, you can tell that when you pick it up.

Butt ugly and funtional

I knew what I was getting. It’s a great knife for general bushcraft and camping. The poly sheath is great to keep the blade covered while you search for an affordable, reliable, and secure sheath. (It’s a POS) This knife plus decent sheath will total out at at least 150.00 before you set out into the great outdoors with any degree of confidence you won’t lose it on the trail.

Phillip Gvozden
Wife’s Helle Eggen

My wife would use the Temagami for food prep when camping. I got her the Eggen. She loves it ! Great sharpness and she says the handle is just right. Thank you !

Boiled Linseed Oil
Walter Koehler
Old time favorite

Great hard to find product.
Just like the old days!

Small Forest Axe
Mike Sherlock
Gransfors bruk small forest axe

Superb handmade axe, razor sharp and comes with a leather sheath. The shipping was fast and well packaged to protect the axe. We purchased this axe for light to medium cutting and splitting firewood while camping. The family enjoys the utility of this axe and we know it will provide use for many years.

Great Saw for Forestry

I have recommended the saw to a number of clients. It's very sharp and easy to handle. Great tool!

Temagami Laminated
Phillip Gvozden
Temagami ST

Beautiful and functional knife. Very happy with the purchase.

Nemo Aurora 2P tent

This is "the ONE" my wife said she wanted. Very pleased.
I give it a 90%
As others pointed out, the lack of a double zipper on the entrance is NOT a deal breaker, but it sure would have been nice (er) and perhaps will be an upgrade in the future. Having to zip/unzip the entire run is a bit tedious (to drop shoes outside, reach outside for shoes/backpack/ whatever)
That would add 5% to my rating.
The other 5% . . . "One guy line . . . Really?" Our package came with one guy line, seems a little odd. Two would have been ok, and due to how it can be set up, would have even enjoyed 4. (However, this was quickly remedied by an order) Still feel we shouldn't have had to order "standard items".
This is a very nice tent, I still give 90% and only ding these minor items.

Solaris II
Paige McNachtan

I really like my new harness!!! The customer service is amazing as well!