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How to Plan a Family-Friendly Outdoor Adventure

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Is hiking with kids even remotely doable? With the right approach, definitely! A family-friendly outdoor adventure isn’t just a fun way to promote healthy activity in your kids from a very young age, it also tightens your familial bonds, and in a completely new setting to boot. To see why taking your family camping is worth it and read about family camping tips, explore the rest of the article below.

Why Is a Family-Friendly Outdoor Adventure Worth It?

A trip with family into the outdoors differs significantly from other, more common settings. Therefore, it’s a way to bond with your family members on a rarely-explored level while benefiting from the joy of exploring nature together.

Of course, the number one benefit of camping or hiking with kids is physical activity. Fostering positive health habits and an appreciation for exercise from a young age will pay off in the long term, on top of functioning as a fantastic opportunity to build endurance and improve motor skills.

Hence, the benefits for the kids are certainly clear, but what about adults? Parents can often find themselves overworked, desperately needing a chance to get away from the usual grind. Taking a weeks-long vacation isn’t always on the cards, though. Expenses mount quickly, and securing time off from work sometimes feels impossible. 

A family trip out to nature, though, can prove a relaxing and budget-friendly option, even if it’s just for the weekend. All you need to do is check off a list of must-have camping gear, pick a spot a couple of hours away, and simply head out.

Family Camping Tips

Hiking with kids involves more responsibility than venturing into the wilderness alone or with an adult companion. Therefore, preparing well enough ahead for any eventualities is crucial to a successful family-friendly outdoor adventure.

Before heading out, you’ll want to decide on a destination. If it’s your or your family’s first time, many entry-level campgrounds nationwide offer child-oriented lodgings and amenities with clean restrooms, drinkable water, and designated fire pits available on-site. Access to properly maintained facilities will decrease the number of complications you may encounter. On top of that, state parks often organize events aimed at children to entertain them while educating them about nature reserves and the environment as a whole.

Going back to adequate preparation, when planning your trip, make sure to cover all essential equipment. Appropriate clothing layers and a first aid kit are the bare necessities, but we’ll focus on other family hiking gear in a moment.

Another great tip to implement is to involve your children in the planning process. Allowing them to contribute to the meals and activities you’ll be planning helps keep them engaged and interested and reduces the chances they’ll fuss over these things during the actual trip.

Useful Gear and Family Camping Tips

First things first, you’ll need a place to sleep. The right tent can make all the difference here, so depending on your kids’ preferences, pack a spacious family tent to fit everyone, or, alternatively, let the kids and adults sleep separately. 

Of course, high-quality sleeping bags suited for the season and weather are equally essential, as are sleeping pads to provide insulation from the cold ground.

Aside from that, research the amenities available at the chosen campground and decide what other supplies you’ll need to bring. For example, some places provide stoves and cooking facilities, but many do not. The same goes for the supply of drinking water – if unavailable on-site, pack plenty to drink.

It’s also essential to consider water for hygiene purposes and to keep everyone healthy and comfortable. If no clean water access will be provided, bring a larger supply with you.

Other necessities also include headlamps and flashlights, bug repellent, and sunscreen. Although minor, these aim to make the family trip smoother by preparing your party for any situation.

Lastly, entertainment will be crucial when camping with kids, so unleash your imagination and come up with fun activities. Cooking s’mores, birdwatching, and playing tabletop games are all considered camping staples that will make the adventure fun for everyone involved.

The Takeaway

Family-friendly outdoor adventures in the wild are great for fostering bonds and getting your kids to interact with the natural environment. With careful planning and the right hiking gear, you can create beautiful, memorable experiences for your whole family and perhaps spark a wonderful family tradition.
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