Never leave home without your knife or multitool. Knives are easily the most important survival item. From opening a cardboard box to starting a fire, they are extremely versatile, so you ought to have them in the wild. Get the best outdoor knives from Appalachian Outfitters and discover how they’ll enhance your camping experience.

Complete Any Camping Task with Our Top-Notch Outdoor Knives

From preparing the food in your camp kitchen, to opening boxes, cutting ropes, or lighting a campfire – outdoor knives are your true multi-tasking tool. But, if you’re using them for so many purposes, not just any knife will work – you have to have the finest cutting tools available, and such are the camping knives in our collection.

What Sets Our Camping Knives Apart?

 We’ve said that our camping knives are excellent, but why exactly? Well, here’s a list of reasons why you should choose them!


You don’t want to lose your knife in the dark, and you won’t if you choose our outdoor knives. Coming with handles that are easy to spot, you’ll always know where your tool is!


Made from the best steel, with scabbards made of top-quality leather, our products will last for long no matter the conditions!


With grips designed for easy handling, our outdoor knives are safe even in every weather condition, including storms when everything becomes slippery!


When camping, two things need to be sharp – your senses and your appalachian trail knife. While we can’t guarantee the former, you can be sure that our knives will be the cutting-edge solution for the latter!

Perfect For Any Task

Our camping knives collection includes tens of different knives, each of which will be the perfect multi-tool that you are looking for. They are small and will easily fit into your hiking backpack.


They are not only great at cutting down things, but also the carbon footprint, since they’re shipped in an eco-friendly way!