Jetboil regulated stoves and accessories allow four full turns of the spindle for incremental adjustment of fuel flow with consistent heat output from light simmer, all the way to rolling boil. That translates to perfectly cooked eggs, golden brown grilled cheese, steamed grains or boiling water for coffee in as little as 135 seconds.

Advanced Cooking Systems for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Discover the Jetboil collection at Appalachian Outfitters, featuring cutting-edge cooking systems designed for outdoor adventurers. Jetboil is renowned for its innovative, efficient, and compact camping stoves that provide quick and reliable cooking solutions in the backcountry. Whether you're boiling water for a hot drink, cooking a meal on a hike, or preparing a gourmet dinner at your campsite, Jetboil's advanced technology ensures optimal performance and convenience. Each product is engineered to be lightweight and easy to use, making them the perfect addition to your outdoor gear.

Jetboil - Efficient and Reliable Performance

At Appalachian Outfitters, we offer a diverse selection of Jetboil products to meet all your outdoor cooking needs. From versatile stove systems to fuel canisters and outdoor cooking accessories, our collection includes everything you need for a successful outdoor culinary experience. Jetboil's commitment to quality and innovation means you can rely on their products to perform in any weather conditions, ensuring you stay well-fed and energized on your adventures. Explore our Jetboil collection today and elevate your outdoor cooking game with reliable, efficient, and user-friendly solutions. Shop now and experience the convenience and performance of Jetboil.

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